orange supremes with candied citrus peel and syrup

Please allow me to present to you a very simple and healthy plated dessert that will satisfy your sweet cravings.

I know, I know. If you’re craving brownies, you want brownies. If you want/need a soft, warm, and gigantic chocolate chip cookie, then you need to get a soft, warm, and gigantic chocolate chip cookie. Somehow, someway, and you’ll do whatever it takes.

And of course today, just like every day, my sweet tooth was active and it needed its dose of sweetness. This sweet tooth of mine is extremely demanding as you may figure.

Luckily, these oranges with candied citrus peel and simple syrup completely subdued those cravings. They did way more than that. They comforted me and captivated me. Just you wait and see. I think you’ll be pretty captivated yourself…especially if you add greek yogurt to the mix. Oh my God, yes!

This medley of citrusy, bitter, and sweet flavors began to unfold in my mind this morning and a few minutes later this delightful creation was on my plate. How nice!


2-3 oranges

3 oz natural cane turbinado sugar (ex: sugar in the raw)

3 oz water

granulated sugar

(greek yogurt)


1. Scrub oranges in hot water and pat them dry.

2. Cut strips off orange peel. For this you may use a citrus zester. I started doing that at first..

but since my citrus zester is not that great, I switched to the good old pairing knife and cut the orange peel into very thin strips. 3. Throw orange peel strips into a pot of boiling water and cook for about 30 seconds. Strain citrus peel.

4. Fill same pot with new water and bring it to a boil. Throw citrus peel into pot and cook for about 30 seconds and strain. Repeat blanching process once more.

5. Meanwhile, combine sugar and water into a pot and cook over medium heat until all the sugar has completely dissolved to create a simple syrup.

6. Bring simple syrup to a boil and cook blanched orange peel in a gentle simmer in the simple syrup until peel is translucent and tender. You must taste the peel to know if it’s fully cooked. Strain citrus peel over a bowl so that you can reserve the simple syrup. (The simple syrup absorbs some of the citrus flavor from the orange peel. Tart/bitter/sweet=yummy).

7. Roll citrus peel in granulated sugar.

8. Cut both ends off the orange and peel skin off from pole to pole with a paring knife. This technique is called peler a vif.

9.  Supreme and cut orange into wedges by slice out each segment by cutting in towards the center of the fruit along the membranes/walls.

10. Assemble Dessert: Arrange orange segments onto a plate. Drizzle simple syrup over orange segments and finish with a bit of candied citrus peel.

Like I said before, you can also add greek yogurt. So delicious.


3 thoughts on “orange supremes with candied citrus peel and syrup

      • Wow, thank you–that is very thoughtful of you to check out Fork and Beans. However, this is supposed to be the spot where YOU are praised and adored for all of your creative and talented recipes, so…did I already tell you how wonderfully creative you are???!!! “Party Pooper” can suck it…and honestly does NOT deserve to take your confidence away.

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