dark chocolate & orange wontons • a purposeful shortcut


It’s the weekend. Happy? Yes. Would be happier if it was Friday night, right? Maybe, depending on your work schedule. Although Sunday is my fun day, it has never been as fun as Saturday because it’s just a bit too close to Monday. Make sense? Great.


Anyways….it’s the weekend nonetheless and it’s just one more day that I don’t have to wake up in the wee hours of the morning. That’s a good thing. Sometimes I feel that the only other cursed ones awake at 5:00 am are the cockroaches in the nearby alley.


It’s during the weekend when I get to write this blog and bake up a storm and I enjoy that to the max. This weekend, however, I’m taking a bit of shortcut. You know, kind of like that shortcut that you take to get home 10 minutes quicker than your guests who are about to arrive with booze while you are still at the grocery store buying plastic cups.

That’s kind of what I did in the kitchen. Scaling ingredients was not required. Dirtying bowls and whisks was not necessary. Preparation time did not exceed 10 minutes. But let me clarify something: taking a shortcuts is not equal to cheating.


Shortcuts are okay, I have concurred. As long as there is a legitimate reason for taking them. As long as they work. As long as the final product, in the words of a nerdy design teacher I once had, “Wows” your audience.


Modern Art and Cubism may serve as examples of what I’m trying to explain. Five blue/black strokes painted horizontally across a large white canvas may seem as a cheap shortcut to some, but I’m sure that the artist had a reason for taking such simplistic style and approach. We may never know what his/her motivation was, but in my opinion if the art form makes you question things or strike up a conversation and/or any brain activity, then it has done part of its job successfully.



I won’t even TRY to compare myself to such ingenious artists, but sometimes I do make things seem little more simple for myself and for the audience and I’m totally okay with that. My reasons for taking today’s shortcut? I’m simply a bit busy with chores/work and feeling sluggish this weekend. I also have leftover dark chocolate, candied citrus peel, and simple syrup from last weekend’s recipe that are calling my name. Orange and dark chocolate go wonderfully together. Are those not considered to be legitimate reasons? I know, maybe not….I’m sorry, but I didn’t say we would agree on everything 🙂


So I can’t promise you that I will “wow” you like a true artist would with this dessert. I’m just simply taking a shortcut. I will call it: A purposeful shortcut!



dark chocolate, roughly chopped

candied orange peel

wonton wrappers

water or egg wash

orange zest

vegetable oil

3 oz sugar

3 oz water



1. Make candied orange citrus peel. Click this link to a get a full and detailed description of steps with pictures.

2. Make simple syrup: combine sugar and water in a small sauce pan and cook over medium heat until all sugar dissolves. Set aside.

3. Prepare wonton wrappers, chopped chocolate, candied orange peel, and water/egg wash in front of you to assemble.

4. Place some chocolate over a wonton wrapper. (Note: Try to add a bit more chocolate than what the pictures show because after frying them, the wontons puffed up and there was a bit of a hollow space inside that the melted chocolate didn’t completely fill up. I think that more chocolate could have been added to fill up the cavity more fully. Simply stack more chocolate on top so that the sides of the wonton wrapper can fold over without hitting the chocolate).

5. Place candied orange peel over the chocolate.

6. Brush some water or egg wash along the sides of the wrapper. You can apply the water/egg wash with your fingers as well.

7. Fold the sides of the wonton wrapper over to seal.

8. Heat up vegetable oil in a small sauce pan and fry until golden brown, about 30 seconds per side.

9. Place fried wontons over a napkin to soak up excess oil.

10. Finish with a pinch of orange zest and a drizzle of simple syrup or honey.



Is this shortcut okay with you?


10 thoughts on “dark chocolate & orange wontons • a purposeful shortcut

  1. This looks so yummy! I will definitely try this too. But I have a question: How do you ensure that the wonton does not burn within seconds of placing it in the hot oil? I made fried Nutella wontons for Thanksgiving and I set the heat to medium but the wonton would burn so fast and I’d have to take it out in less than 30 seconds. Is there a magical trick to achieving the perfect golden wonton?

    • Thanks friend! I think that the only tricks to achieving a nice wonton involve temperature and speed. Wontons fry super fast (20-30 seconds on each side) so you have to watch them carefully and turn them as soon as they develop a nice golden color. The temp. should be hot enough to fry (about 350 F-375 F). Also, do not overcrowd the pan. If you add too many wontons at once, the oil temperature will drop and they will absorb fat instead of becoming fully crispy. Gen, I also noticed that I had previously written to fry wontons for about 1 min./side. That would actually be too long an it would probably burn your wontons. Ooops. Your comment made me go back and change the timing to a the correct! So thanks!!!!! 🙂 You know…sometimes I’m not so good at estimating time, but just watch them and act fast! Timing is more to give you an estimate and heads up of when they will be ready, but the key is to flip them as soon as they develop that nice golden color, which will be very quick as you already know.

  2. As I was reading your post, and looking at the wonton images at each stage, from the top to the recipe, I was so encouraged to try and make some myself, even ‘tho I don’t do such cooking ! To me, that is artistry. You made my mouth water, and those images all have their own minimalist and colourful contribution to the piece. You achieved a success of sorts with me. Keep goin’….

    • Wow, I’m truly appreciative by your comment. The simple fact that you (an artist) view my dessert as art is highly gratifying. To me, baking is how I express myself and I’m glad that it has “moved” you in some way. The fact that I can evoke such feelings in other people makes me very happy. Thank you very very much.

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