chocolate & peanut butter sandwich • a true fairy tale story

Once upon a time, in a very far away land (AKA D.C.) a young girl (okay, not that young) went to the village market in search of goodies to bake a sweet feast.

The young girl always felt a strong compulsion to eat sweet things–pastries, ice cream, chocolate, and all kinds of desserts–to prevent her from growing sad.

“What shall I ever bake on this splendid and sunny morning to keep me smiling through this day?” she pondered, as there was a deep lack of inspiration on this particular day. After thinking and rethinking she exclaimed, “A chocolate & pine nut tart!” What exactly drove her to that conclusion is still a bit unclear, but her mind and heart were set on that delicious tart.

And so she packed her bags and strolled past the swaying trees, the grumpy villagers, and the singing birds to get to the village market to buy her ingredients: pine nuts, cream, eggs, butter, etc.

But to the girl’s surprise, there wasn’t much of a market left. “Where is all the butter? And the eggs? What has happened to our village market?!” she cried.

It seemed as if a storm had made everything vanish and disappear, but the truth is that it wasn’t a storm nor a cyclone the ones responsible for the decline and fall of the village market. It was the grumpy giant from the west. According to village rumors, the wretched giant had run out of his yearly supply of gummy bears and had come to the village market to take everything in a demented revenge.

So without any ingredients in her bag, the young and saddened girl hurried back home in a melancholic mood, as she would not be able to have her dessert that day. As she searched and rummaged through her kitchen, she only found some chocolate, peanut butter, and bread. No eggs, no butter, no flour, no nothing!

“Alright, let’s work with what we’ve got,” stated the hopeless girl. She knew that nothing could stop her from getting her dose of sweetness.

And so the girl tried her best to dry her tears and make a sweet and delicious dessert with the only three ingredients that she had at hand: bread, chocolate, and peanut butter.

And she comforted herself by knowing that sweeter and better days were soon to come. As for today, this simple and basic, yet fulfilling chocolate/peanut butter sandwich would have to suffice.

True story.

The end.


2 slices of bread

about 2 oz of milk chocolate (I used a combination of dark and milk. Totally up to you).

peanut butter

1 tsp 10x sugar

1/2 tsp cocoa powder


1. Toast slices of bread until bread gets crispy and a bit brown.

2. Spread peanut butter on one of the sides of each slice of bread and set them so that the peanut butter sides are facing upward.

3. Place chunks of milk chocolate over one of the slices of bread and put the other slice of bread over the chocolate, peanut butter side facing downward, to create a sandwich.

4. Place sandwich on a sheet tray and bake at 300 F for about 5 minutes, until the chocolate fully melts. Cut sandwich diagonally in half. You can also trim the crust if you’re not a fan of it.

5. Mix cocoa powder and 10x sugar in a small bowl and sift mixture over sandwich.


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