basil rainbow smoothie • way of the peaceful warrior

Sometimes you crave more out of life.

You may have everything one considers to be adequate in order to achieve happiness, but yet something seems to be missing. You search and you search, and you even try new things: new careers, new hobbies, new directions, etc. to see if you can satisfy the empty space within you that nothing, not even being successful and recognized at your craft, will alleviate. At the end of the day, you feel guilt and remorse for not being completely appeased and captivated with this wonderful gift we call life.

Because we should be thrilled and captivated by it, right?

At the end of the day, the presence of doubts haunts you, because you know that it is foolish to waste time worrying about things that don’t really matter, especially when you are blessed that those whom you care for the most are healthy. I am blessed, but…

But there is always something, isn’t there? Something that prevents us from being completely at peace with the present. Something that leads us to look too ahead into the future or to become stuck in the past.

Always thinking, thinking, thinking and waiting for more. I’m guilty of doing that sometimes. I admit it. Are you?

I have recently started reading a book called, “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” and it’s getting me to think twice about things. I have highlighted a few of my favorite quotes and will share them with you here so that you can hopefully interpret them in a positive way if you suffer from this just like I do…just like a lot of us do. I’m sure that I will encounter more inspiring quotes as I finish reading the book but these are the quotes that I have highlighted so far.

1.  Finally I saw through the clouds. I saw that I had never learned how to enjoy life, only how to achieve. All my life I had been busy seeking happiness, not finding it.

2. The world was peopled with minds, whirling faster than any wind, in search of distraction and escape from the predicament of change, the dilemma of life and death–seeking purpse, security, enjoyment, trying to make sense of the mystery. Everyone everywhere lived a confused, bitter search. Reality never matched their dreams; happiness was just around the corner–a corner they never turned. And the source of it all was the human mind.

3. Your business is not to “get somewhere”–it is to be here

4. “Understand this above all,” he interrupted. “You can do nothing to change the past, and the future will never come exactly as you expect or hope for. There have never been past warriors, nor will there be future ones. The warrior is here, now. Your sorrow, your fear and anger, regret and guilt, your envy and plans and cravings live only in the past, or in the future.”

5. Softly he said, “It is better for you to take responsibility for your life as it is, instead of blaming others, or circumstance, for your predicament. As your eyes open, you’ll see that your state of health, happiness, and every circumstance of your life has been, in large part, arranged by you–consciously or unconsciously.”

6. A fool is “happy” when his cravings are satisfied. A warrior is happy without reason. That’s what makes happiness the ultimate discipline–above all else I taught you. Happiness is not just something you feel–it is who you are.

7. I look upon the valley far below, where I began the climb many years ago. Only then do I realize that the jewel had always been within me, even then, and that the light had always shined. Only my eyes had been closed.

And what does all this have to do with a refreshing and delicious basil rainbow smoothie, you may be asking…I’ll leave that up to you, but that does bring me to these final quotes, which played an important role in the elaboration of this healthy drink.

8. It’s not a matter of believing but of doing. I can tell you this: I eat only what is wholesome, and I eat only as much as I need. In order to appreciate what you call “natural” foods, you have to sharpen your instincts, you have to become a natural man….

9. My diet may at first seem spartan when compared to the indulgences you call “moderation” Dan, but I take great pleasure in what I eat because I’ve developed the capacity to enjoy the simplest foods. And so will you.

10. The pleasure of eating is more than the taste of the food and the feeling of a full belly. Learn to enjoy the entire process–the hunger beforehand, the careful preparation, setting an attractive table, chewing, breathing, smelling, tasting, swallowing, and the feeling of lightness and energy after the meal.

Please do enjoy this basil rainbow smoothie and find your peaceful warrior within. Try to enjoy and live the present.

**Yield: 4 Servings**

(Note: The coconut water I used in this recipe was sweeter than usual. Therefore, adding 1.5 oz of cane sugar was enough to add the perfect touch of sweetness to the smoothie. I suggest you adjust the amount of natural cane sugar to your liking. Also, needless to say, the fruit you use should be ripe).


8 oz water

.5 oz fresh basil, stems included

peel of 3 lemons

juice of 3 lemons

5 oz coconut water

8 oz mango (about 1 mango), peeled and pitted

5 oz ice cubes

1 banana, peeled

1.5 oz natural cane sugar

5 oz frozen strawberries

fresh basil leaves for garnish


1. Bring water to a gentle simmer and remove from heat. Infuse water with basil and lemon peel for 15-20 minutes. Cover pot with lid during infusion time.

2. Meanwhile, combine the juice of the lemons, coconut water and mango in a blender. Blend until fruit is pureed.

3. Add ice cubes, banana, and natural cane sugar and continue to blend until all ingredients are well pureed.

4. Strain infused water and combine it with fruit puree. Blend to combine well.

5. Pour 3/4 of the smoothie into serving glasses or a jar. Keep the remaining 1/4 of the smoothie in the blender and add frozen strawberries to it. Blend well until strawberries are completely blended and fruit puree becomes reddish-pinkish in color.

6. Swirl the red-colored puree into the orange-colored puree.

7. Garnish smoothie with small fresh basil leaves. Serve immediately.

The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination.

Be happy now, without reason – or you never will be at all.


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