sweet lemon almond smoothie • sooth your throat


This is probably not what you had in mind. It’s not what I had in mind either.

We are amid holiday spirit and Christmas cheer, so why in the hell is this recipe not one that showcases cookies, ginger spice bread, or other holiday favorites? Well, I also wasn’t expecting to resort to a smoothie today and I much rather create a recipe for say a pumpkin roulade, a chocolate peppermint cake, or an eggnog whatever. Never mind. Scratch the last example. I don’t particularly enjoy eggnog.


Anyways, those are the sort of recipes that are to be expected in mid-December, right? I mean every food blogger out there is presenting favorite holiday recipes and what do I have to offer? A smoothie! But it is what it is and I am completely okay with that. One should never underestimate the power of a smoothie, especially when it can help sooth your sore throat. To be fair, I have also had the opportunity to make crunchy nutty choco toffee, cookies, peppermint truffles, and other holiday treats. Plus, the holidays are no way near over and there is still time to make traditional or new holiday sweets. So I am not complaining at all (even if my tone suggests otherwise).

sweet lemon almond smoothie

I have been feeling a little under the weather during these past few days and this smoothie has done magical things to heal the pain and scratchiness in my throat. If I had to compare my voice to that of any known figure you would know, it would have to be to the exorcist girl. Let it be known that I do not have the ability to spin my head 360 degrees around my own torso and I do not possess the talent of vomiting green junk when I am feeling irritated or furious. That would be insanely insane though. But my voice…oh yes, the sound of my voice in these past few days could be used in the next exorcism movie,…because we all know there will be plenty more of those coming out in the near future.

Going back to what’s important. This smoothie contains ingredients that will help alleviate a soar throat. Lemon contains high levels of vitamin C and natural antibacterial/antiviral agents. Almonds and honey are natural pain killers that will relieve the inflammation. Apple is one of those fruits that will help ease lung and throat irritation all year round and add smoothness and fullness to the smoothie. The boost of vitamins and combination of healing ingredients do not compromise good flavor. Not at all! This smoothie is delicious with a dominating sweet honey and almond flavor and a spark of refreshing fresh lemon juice. That sore throat will stand no chance of winning once it meets this sweet lemon almond smoothie!


* Yields about 1 1/4 C. *


6 fl oz almond milk

1/4 C raw almonds

1/4 C Gala apples–peeled, cored, chopped

1.5 fl oz lemon juice (=3 T of lemon juice)

2 T honey


1. Combine almond milk, raw almonds, apple, lemon juice, and honey into a blender. Blend until fruit and almonds are completely pureed. Serve immediately.


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