about me: After teaching at an inner city school in DC for three years and being admitted to one of the most elite schools of education in NYC (& of the nation!), I said “No way! Let’s bake and cook instead!” Now, instead of getting a Masters of Education, I’m focusing on what has been one of my great interests for an extended period of time and I’m not looking back…or trying not to 🙂 Perhaps one day I can combine both passions and keep true to the equation of: pastry/culinary + teaching = happiness.

This is me…From this picture you will probably notice that I love food, wine, the sun, the outdoors, nature, and days off.

about sweet lab: I find that it’s more exciting and liberating to create a recipe rather than to follow a recipe. Sweet Lab is a place where I can follow the rules and guidelines of baking and cooking without having to depend on a recipe book. By following basic ratios of baking, I will try to create an index of recipes in which a recipe book has not been utilized. It is my mission to make these recipes somewhat delectable and to share them with you. But above all, I look forward to polishing my skills and technique of this art and craft through a baking adventure. I really see this process like a science experiment, in which the outcome will always be a sweet one! Hence the name, sweet-lab.

One day I picked a book called Ratio and here I am now. As Michael Ruhlman writes in his book Ratio, “A culinary ratio is a fixed proportion of one ingredient or ingredients relative to another. These proportions form the backbone of the craft of cooking. When you know the culinary ratio, it’s not like knowing a single recipe, it’s instantly a thousand.” I couldn’t have said it better and I feel fortunate that Ruhlman wrote such an informative book and that it slipped into my hands. Because of it, I’m feeling more freedom, security, and the best part–I’m not afraid to explore. Ratio also made me think of what the main idea and intention of this blog would be: to experiment, create, and explore.

Enough said. Let’s see where all this experimentation leads to. Let’s hope I don’t blow any light bulbs or cause any chemical burns!


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  1. You have a gorgeous blog full of delicious recipes. And after reading your bio I’m even more impressed. It’s awesome that you followed your heart and pursued what you’re really passionate about. I don’t know if I love what I do for work anymore – all I think about is baking. I wish I had the courage to leave and see where my heart takes me. And wow for creating your own recipes! I’ve always admired the bloggers out there who develop recipes. I just don’t have the time or the knowledge foundation to do it. I’m going to order Ratio asap so that I can study up! I can’t wait to follow you. Cheers, Nancy

    • Thank you so much Nancy. I’m sure you have the courage to follow your heart. Once you set foot on your dream path, it’s not all a bed of roses though, as I’m sure you know. It’s a lot of work and not always easy. All the hard work and turmoil ends up being worth it once you get to the point when you realize that you are doing what you really love to do.

  2. I really like your blog and wow, I think we have a lot in common 😉 Reading the title of your blog the first thing I was thinking was “this could have been my title, too” 🙂 Being a Scientist, I also think about baking as one big experiment and I also ordered the Book “Ratio” as I was always curious about the theory behind baking 🙂 I love the book and use it almost daily 😀 I can see that you are using it longer than me, as your blog is already full with wonderful things! Really great!
    Take care, Rebecca

      • I really hope so, standing in the kitchen lately for a lot of hours to get my newly invented recipes right 🙂 Ratios are one thing, but sometimes it lacks finesse, I think… So keep on trying over and over again 😉 But you are learning more and more about baking in every single step you take. I like that 🙂
        Continue your great work, I really enjoy your blog!
        Take care 🙂

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